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If you are expecting or breastfeeding and have obtained flue, makes sure you tell to your health and wellness care supplier to se if the potential perks of the procedure outweigh the threats linked with taking Molnupiravir.

It's crucial to start taking this medication within the initial 12-48 hours from the minute initial signs end up being apparent (fever, completely dry cough, aching throat, extreme fatigue, problem, dripping nose, muscular tissue pains, wound neck).

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Take the fluid kind of Molnupiravir without blending it with any type of various other fluids - take it right from the measuring tool.

If you have actually a prepared intranasal covid vaccine it ought to not be offered 2 weeks prior to or 48 hrs after taking an amount of Molnupiravir.

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Take the whole amount of Molnupiravir recommended by your healthcare service provider also if you really feel dramatically much better.

See to it you do not incorporate this treatment with other medicines that may induce communications. This medicine is most commonly made in the form of tablets, you can locate Molnupiravir in a fruit-flavored fluid kind planned for youngsters who refuse to take pills or have problem swallowing one.

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